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Put Performance at the Heart of Huron

Shakespeare may have said all the world is a stage, but when it comes to creating the best possible environment for performance and civic engagement, Huron recognizes this is not the case. That’s why, within the Heart of Huron, we are building a 450-seat performance hall where our students will act, learn, debate and engage with influential leaders from around the world.

Performance has been a part of Huron’s prestigious legacy for many decades. The Huron Underground Dramatic Society (HUDS), a theatre group driven by student interest and talent, is one of Huron’s oldest and most popular clubs. Since its inception, several decades ago, our student performers and production crews have made do without a purpose-built stage, but that is about to change. 

Huron’s largest-ever auditorium will not only provide a space for our brightest stars to shine. This innovative venue will also play host to Leaders with Heart, from around-the-world, who will bring new perspectives to our campus and help our students recognize their prerogative to create positive change.

By creating a 450-seat auditorium and performance stage, we are greatly increasing Huron’s ability not only to welcome and nurture students who are passionate about the arts, but also position our university as London’s newest centre for political, humanitarian and cultural engagement.

Name one – or more – of our new, gloriously Huron red theatre seats and help our university invite more of the community-at-large into the imaginative world of performance and learning created by young people with unbelievable stories to tell.

Performance Theatre
  • The Liberal Arts help you contextualize all these challenges within our past, present and future, which reinforces how we look at the world and how able we will be to change it.
    Natalie Cross
    Double Major in Political Science and English
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  • Through truly incredible teamwork, our students have entertained thousands of people, but more than that, they’ve helped foster sensitivity and empathy by creating experiences to connect with groups they may have otherwise never interacted with.
    Neil Brooks, PhD
    Assistant Professor English & Cultural Studies
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  • I got to work at one of the largest art councils in Canada, and it really tied into what I had learned in first and second year, while also enabling me to incorporate my learning into campus programming, so I could better serve my peers in my positions of leadership.
    Sean Yauk
    Huron Alumni, Political Science
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One of our first unique campaign opportunities

Theatre chair




Thank you for showing your support for Huron and taking the opportunity to etch your name in Huron’s history.

When you designate a gift of $1,200 to this part of the Heart of Huron campaign, you will have a named seat with an engraved plaque to adorn one of our Huron Red seats.



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